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          Out of Kingdom

by telephone:

Head Office: (3) 840 8552/ 840 8553                   Head Office: (+966) 3 840 8552/ 3 840 8553
Fax: (3) 840 8547 Fax: (+966) 3 840 8547

                                          CTSA provides services to the following industries:

                                          Oil and Gas Production (onshore and offshore) Oil and Gas Drilling (onshore and offshore) PetrochemicalChemical
                                          ♦ Refinery Marine Electric Power Generation Mining Highways Commercial Construction Food Processing

                                                                               To order services, obtain a comprehensive quotation, or just find out 
                                                                                                        more about CTSA, please contact us:

by e-mail:

           Construction Technical Services Arabia Ltd

                        P.O. Box 9145, Dammam 32252
                              Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For general e-mail question please send e-mail to:

by e-mail:

For specific e-mail please send e-mail to:



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